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Texas Hold’em Bonus Online Rules and Gameplay

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Texas Hold’em bonus online is a variation of Texa’s Hold’em traditional casino table game yet with an optional bonus bet possibility. Surely, this game is the player vs. the dealer, yet you face no bet after the river card. Nowadays, online casinos offer this variation to their visitors, too. However, it’s not as popular as the basic Hold’em.

Texas Hold’em Bonus Bet Game: What is it?

What is Texas Hold’em Bonus online? It’s a form of Hold’em poker, yet it can’t be considered widespread among gamblers. You see, it can be found only in specific brick-and-mortar casinos and gambling sites. Otherwise, the Texas Hold’em Poker Bonus Bet game is also known as Easy Poker. At least gamblers in Australia see the game, particularly by that name. Depending on the venue, certain rules may differ. However, the basics remain the same. A player starts the game with an ante bet right in the Ante circle. If they want, they can also make the Bonus Bet, which is, though, optional. After this, players receive two cards.

Texas Hold'em Bonus


In Hold’em Bonus Bet game, every player receives two hole cards and then has to decide to fold and lose the ante bet or make a flop bet two times the Ante. After the decision is made, the dealer shows the three-card flop faced up. Here, too, players must determine whether they are going to check or make a turn bet equal to the Ante. Afterward, the dealer makes the turn by revealing the fourth community card. Once again, players stand in front of a dilemma to check or make the river bet equal to the Ante bet. After this, it comes to revealing the fifth community card, which helps players make their best five-card hand using their two hole cards and the five community cards and reveal what a hand the dealer has.

Winning and Losing

If the dealer’s hand wins, the player’s all bets, including Ante, Flop, Turn, and River lose. If both the dealer and the player tie, all the bets push. If luck is favorable to the player and wins, his Flop, Turn, and River bets all win. The win is even money. The Ante bet may bring the won player even money, too, if he’s made the best hand if a straight or better. For all the other hands, even if they brought a victory to the player, the Ante bet pushes. And finally, the bonus bet pays out, and the amount depends on hand whether the player’s hand won or not.

Bonuses for Free Texas Hold’em Online

Stepping into online casino gambling armed with a free Texas Hold’em bonus, you essentially increase your odds of winning the game. To make use of the most lucrative bonuses, you either need to find bonus codes or choose the right casino house. Once the gambling requirements are completed, the bonus money becomes real cash and applicable for a withdrawal. Here are the most reputable online casinos that offer amazing welcome bonuses to gamble at and win real cash:

  • 888Casino – US$100 Welcome Bonus;
  • Vegas Casino Online – Up to US$11000 Welcome Bonus;
  • Cherry Casino – 50% up to US$50.

If you prefer to play poker having a bonus code at hand, you’d better search the web for current offers. Otherwise, the codes that you may come across, might have gone of time.

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