I’m a Florida girl born and raised, but have yet to get used to our heat and humidity. I have a fur baby that I’m convinced is the cutest canine ever, and my favorite thing to do after a long day is to cuddle up on the couch with my favorite people. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and have always loved working with little ones, because they are the biggest treasures we can be blessed with; whether it’s through birth or adoption. 
I choose to shoot newborn and family portraits because there is nothing more rewarding than helping parents create beautiful yet real (and sometimes silly and messy) memories. To ensure my style, and your images, remain timeless I shoot with both film and digital cameras during your session. I can still remember the first time as a kid that I shot a roll of film and went to get it developed. When I got the pictures back, I was blown away with how each one looked like a better version of my memories in a way that digital never could. From then on I fell in love with capturing moments on film. 
 It is a blessing to capture those sweet moments between a parent and their child, and I cannot wait to do that for you! 


Hello there!



Natural colors

My personal style focuses on natural colors and elements because I enjoying simplicity over ornateness. This also plays a roll in how I shoot as well. I leave the props behind because simplicity is best when capturing you and your sweet newborn. Let your love shine through and speak for itself!


Anything sweet

And I mean pretty much anything! The only thing I really don’t love is peanut butter and 
chocolate mixed together. Other than that, dessert is the way to my heart!



My love of traveling stems from my passions for history and food. My ideal vacation is a place that’s rich in history and is known for delicious cuisine. That’s why St. Augustine is a favorite weekend getaway for my husband and I! But, if you happen to be going to Europe soon let me know…I’d love to hitch a ride in your luggage!


Family & faith

These two words represent what has shaped my life the most. My business is founded on the verse Galatians 5:13 "…but through love serve one another." You are not just another box to check off on my to do list. I know how important family is and your family’s milestones are meant to be preserved and cherished.

my favorite things...